Petroleum Products Supply, Marketing & Distribution

Breaking bulk is one of our strong business areas. We have developed innovative means of providing this service to our customer base.

Our ability to market bulk quantities of petroleum products to our clients within a very competitive oil and gas industry is as a result of our vertically integrated network of offshore, coastal, and inland operations.

The supply of petroleum products is a service we provide as part of activities in the downstream sector, and it cuts across a wide range of industries; manufacturing, transportation etc.

AMG has a proven track record as an importer of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) and Automotive Gas Oil (AGO), and exporter of Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) – propane/butane, Condensate, Pentane plus, Naphtha and Fuel Oil (LPFO). AMG has also imported into the country petroleum products directly from refineries abroad for local consumption. AMG’s combined throughput in 2011 alone amounted to over 200,000 tonnes of petroleum products.