Gas Development

Gas Processing

AMG and its partners are developers of gas processing systems that employ the latest technologies in extracting natural gas liquids and delivering high-quality methane using a unique technology, which can be used to extract valuable natural gas liquids from gas streams and improve the quality of the natural gas stream which would result in increased efficiency of gas turbines for power generation.

Gas Treatment Plant Fabrication And Maintenance Facility

AMG has gained valuable experience over the years in delivering solutions aimed towards increasing the production of dry quality gas to meet the growing demand of power plants in the country. To this end, AMG is in the process of setting up an in country fabrication and maintenance facility aimed at providing rehabilitation/repair services for the gas industry.

The Shop Capabilities will span a wide range of needs from the fabrication of essential equipment to basic repair works.

Gas Development Consultancy Services

AMG provides a wide range of gas development consultancy services to gas operators. The company is led by an experienced management team with vast knowledge of the upstream, mid-stream and downstream gas industry both locally and internationally.