Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Commitment

AMG is committed to supporting the Government of Nigeria and touching the lives of people positively.

AMG is committed to enhancing shareholder value in an ethical and socially responsible manner by considering the interests of all its community of stakeholders including investors, employees, customers, suppliers and local communities.

Our CSR programs focus on investing responsibly to promote greater economic, social and environmental sustainability in the communities where we live and work.

We also recognize that the employees are our most important asset and critical to the overall delivery of our business strategy thereby ensuring equal opportunities for all employees with no discrimination on account of race, age, gender, etc. In return, employees are expected to act with integrity and maintain high ethical standards.

Community Development

At AMG, we are committed and contribute to the development of our communities. We strive to make a difference in the social lives of our communities through positive contributions and social development initiatives. Our CSR initiatives include:

Henshaw Town Community

Over the years, the company has developed a close and prospering relationship with the Henshaw Town Community (HTC), one of our host communities where we operate in. Some of our CSR initiatives with HTC include:

  1. The appointment of a Community Liaison Officer to be the bridge between the Company and the community.
  2. Employment of Community members at the AMG facility.
  3. Donation of educational books and supplies to schools.
  4. Donation of office equipment to the Henshaw Town Council

Murtala Muhammed Foundation

AMG has a long-standing relationship with the Murtala Muhammed Foundation, a not-for-profit organization recognized as a pioneer of democracy, policy advocacy, education, human rights, women empowerment, disaster relief, and betterment of the lives of Africans.

As a collaborative private sector partner, AMG has supported MMF over the years on a number of projects focused on the development and education of children across the country. Most recent is the project to provide a safe, efficient, early and late grade literacy education in the North-East of Nigeria. Our commitment to this project goes towards:

  1. N.E.E.A.P Basic Early Grade Project.
  2. Literacy & numeracy activity.
  3. Provision of Training / Learning Materials.
  4. Vocational Training and Entrepreneurship skills development of adolescent and the girl child in the North-East.

Health Safety & Environment

AMG is committed to pursuing a high standard of environmental performance, including the maintenance of safe and healthy working environments. We have good environmental practices because the well being of the communities in which we operate is important to our long-term development and success.

At AMG we believe that good HSE performance is an integral part of efficient and profitable business management.

AMG offers worthwhile and valuable employment in a safe and well cared for working environment and encourages a healthy work/life balance. The company’s HSE culture ensures that compliance with HSE policy and implementation of HSE principles is a pre-requisite for employment.

Health & Safety training awareness is implemented on sites and employees are kept informed of current health and safety procedures.